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HAURI Engine

ViRobot Engine

ViRobot engine which is developed by HAURI own technology was born in 1998 and was given wider publicity by protecting the PCs from CIH virus that was big virus issue over the world. After then, ViRobot engine has blocked the large of viruses such as Code red, 1.25, Nimda and etc. From 2002, HAURI have branched out the overseas to North&South America, Japan, Europe and Asia and demonstrates the superiority of ViRobot Engine.

Dual Engine

HAURI provides the best Dual Engine system which combined ViRobot with BitDefender engines for the most strengthened security. ViRobot engine is made of 10-years know-how and BitDefender engine won No.1 place in Top Ten Reviews, 2008 and also 2009. These two engines work as one and repair/block the up-to-date viruses, spywares, and malicious programs quickly and accurately. Throw out the virus distress, and keep your PC security simply by ViRobot Desktop 5.5!
Dual Engine
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