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ViRobot Desktop 5.5

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- Anti-Virus
- Anti-Spyware
- Anti-SPAM
- Network protection (Firewall)
- Folder protection
- Vulnerability analysis
- Logs & reports
- Multi-Language support

In the past, personal computer users could solve their PC security problems simply by OS security patch or vaccine program, but now it is hard to protect PC from new kinds of malicious programs that makes the damage of system and even finance by these ways. Since various kinds of virus, worm, spam mail, spyware and hacking tools keep being developed and spread, users getting hard to protect their PC by just one security function. ViRobot Desktop 5.5 is the new total security product that is developed to protect personal user from virus, worm, malicious program, spam mail, spyware and etc, which spread rapidly by internet and E-mail and make even huge damage. By unique powerful security functions such as Anti-Virus, Network Security, Folder Protection, E-mail Protector, Anti-Spyware and others, ViRobot Desktop 5.5 will promise users PC security easily and safely.
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