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ViRobot Management System 4.0

  • ViRobot Management System 4.0

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Less work. Full protection. More values - ViRobot Management System 4.0

The malicious codes keep increasing two times yearly as like 20 million in 2009 and 40 million in 2010. And the huge numbers of variant malicious codes are created by the auto-tools and opened code sources. It is hard to handle with the existing anti-virus program based on signature.

ViRobot Management System 4.0 is the intellectual total security management program that is developed by HAURI own know-how and the latest technique and it protects the important information assets of customers which is exposed to the security threats.

ViRobot Management System 4.0 provides the convenience and strong security with new monitoring center to show the real-time malicious code status and other system information at once, the suspect file auto-collecting system to respond effectively with the threats, the management program's install inducing function based on NAC, the fast remote control and command by RSupport and the customizable report based on OZ report.

ViRobot Management System 4.0 security network

- Edit and apply the policy form console

- Send the policy to server
- Agent receives and applies the policy to itself.
- Office PC apply the policy at update cycle.
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