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Mobile malicious code, 'Walkinwat' -- 04/04/11

Written by HAURI Virus Lab.

By increasing the number of smartphone users, the malicious codes targeted the smartphone are also grown exponentially.

Recently, a malicious codes which runs on Android OS was reported to HAURI Virus Lab., and the malware disguised itself as a Walk&Text application. It sends a message to induce users to purchase the application at offical apps market and transfers personal information such as smartphone user name, phone number, IMEI info to remote server( Also, it sends SMS by utilizing telephone directory from the smartphone.

- If the malicious code is executed, following application cracking feature will show up to user.

- After that, a message to incude users to purchase the App from the official market will popup.

[Performance authority information]



- Below images show for Licensing Service of Walkinwat malicious code(Walk and Text v1.3.7) and LicenseCheck routine.

- The malicious code leaks smartphone user name, phone number, and IMEI information to certain remote server(incorpor****

- The malicious code sends SMS by utilizing telephone directory from the smartphone, and it generates over charges for massive SMS sending.

Like it is hard to imagine that living a day without a smartphone, smartphone has settled down in our lives deeply. However, as both sides of the coin, by developing smartphone technologies, malicious code for smartphone is also getting wise and intelligent.

Users must be aware of suspicious files, emails to protect own smartphone security all the time, also we recommend to use authorized Anti-Virus program for smartphone like ViRobot Mobile for Android.

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