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Fake AntiVirus 2012 deceives users to purchase -- 08/15/11

Written by HAURI Virus Lab.

Again, fake AntiVirus new version is released that targeting to year of 2012. It has more complicated features and notifies Internet intrusion by acting fake firewall. The UI is simple and pretty than any other vaccines, so it deceives users to purchase for fake security.

Once the fake Antivirus 2012 installed, it shows fake infection log even if the system has Windows only. The product title is printed out randomly like XP Antispyware 2012, XP Antivirus 2012, XP Internet Security 2012, XP Home Security 2012 and etc.

[PIC 1] Fake detection log

It makes users nervous by showing multiple fake infection alerts from the Windows tray.

[PIC 2] Show multiple alerts continuously

Also, it shows a fake Internet intrusion alert from the fake firewall.

[PIC 3] Malicious code attack alert

For fake repair, it requests a registration to purchase the product.

[PIC 4] Registration window for purchase order

The fake AntiVirus looks similar to normal one, so users may purchase and install the program without doubts. Therefore, we always have to check the provider before downloading any programs and maintain the latest vaccine engine version by regular update.

[ViRobot Detection Name]

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