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DNS Changer -- 07/11/12
Written by HAURI Virus Lab

In order to connect to a web page, URL address needs to be inputted. Simply typing URL on internet will connect you there but it is not the actual address.
Computers and internet servers have their own IP address to connect to internet. However, these IP address is rather inconvenient to use. It consists of 4 numbers from 0 to 255.

That's where DNS server comes in. DNS recognizes letter URL address such as and changes it into IP address and send it back. Computer uses this IP address to connect to desired web page.

But there are malwares that abuses DNS and gain profit off of it.
A malware called DNS Changer alters the DNS address and connects users to advertisement pages, collecting up to 14 million dollars illegally.

FBI has been tracking this hacker group for two years and confirmed that millions of PCs have been infected around the world.
They tried to shut down the fake DNS server this March but over 45 million PCs would not be able to connect to internet if shut down without preparation so they delayed the plan to July.

[Image1] DNS Changer victims

If these problems occur in your PC as follows, we recommend you to contact your internet supplier for assist.
1) Antivirus detects DNS Changer.
2) Cannot connect to web pages or redirected to other advertisement pages.
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