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Basic Tips for PC use

How to delete the unnecessary filesHow to uninstall the unnecessary programs
Clean up files and folders: My Documents, My pictures and etcClean up Desktop and start menu
How to reduce SPAM and manage Outlook mailsCleanup registry
How to optimize HDDHow to install the latest Update

How to delete the unnecessary files
In using internet, the unnecessary files as like movies, images and music files that are big size increase and it makes Windows heavy. If check and delete the unnecessary files, it will help Windows light.

1) Delete or compress the unnecessary files.

2) The files in Temp and Temporary internet files folder are just temporary file for using internet. Please delete it following below.
Step1. Open Internet Explorer
Step2. Go to [Tools] -> [Internet options] -> [General]
Step3. Click "Delete" button of Browsing history and check "Temporary internet files"

3) Delete the back files.
Search the files that have the extension, "bak" and "$$$" and delete it.
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