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Typical Symptoms  Generating traffics,Decreases network speed
Discovered  [korea] 2009-04-03
 [Foreign] 0000-00-00
Type  Trojan Horse ActiveField  Win32
Origin  others Encryption  NO
Location   Memory residence  NO
Scan engine needed
2009-04-03 [Able to detect & repair]
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[How to spread]

Trojan.Win32.DDoS-Agent.23552 is downloaded/installed from a site that is hacked by using system vulnerability.

If this virus is executed, the infected system tries to access to virus maker or distributor and waits to receive their attack commands. If system receives commands, it can do DDos attack. The DDoS attack can cause network problem by creating network overload.

[Symptom of Infection]

1. If user accesses to the hacked site, virus will be installed to system by using system vulnerability. By using iframe tag, this virus loads attacking webpages. After attacks, nop.exe (Trojan.Win32.DDoS-Agent.23552) will be downloaded/installed to system.

index.htm (iframe) (HTML.Iframe.4512)
  +- ie7.htm (MS08-078 vulnerability) (JS.Agent.2678)
     +- dd.js (heap spray) (JS.Agent.7713)
  +- dadongp.html (Adobe Flash vulnerability file loading) (JS.Agent.1992)
  +- old.htm (Multiple vulnerability iframe) (HTML.Iframe.4512)
     +- dadongl.htm (CVE-2009-0075 vulnerability) (JS.ShellCode.1351)
     +- 06014.htm (MS06-014 vulnerability) (VBS.Psyme.2864)

nop.exe (Trojan.Win32.DDoS-Agent.23552)

2. Trojan.Win32.DDoS-Agent.23552 creates below files.

(Windows System Folder)stvce.exe

3. Register below services for automatic execution on system rebooting.

- stvce

4. Try to access to below domain via port 1690.

- www.v(...) (221.(...).(...)2.136)

5. If system receives commands, it can do DDos attack. The DDoS attack can cause network problem by creating network overload.
Removal Instructions
[How to repair]

1. If you are WinXP/ME users, please be inactivate System Recovery Function.

The reason why being inactivate of the system recovery is to clean the virus completely.
You can refer to MS technical documents(Q263455) for more details.

2. Update the engine module for the latest one.
To repair this virus, you need to update the engine for the latest one.

a. ViRobot products users
     -Download the latest engine files via our website (

b. Non-ViRobot products users
     - Use the LiveCall (Free Scan) via the website (

     - Use the trial version of ViRobot products (30days only)

3. How to scan the virus.

a. Run your ViRobot, and choose "all files" in scan option.

- ViRobot Expert 4.0 : [Edit] -> [Configuration] -> [Scan] : Check all files
- ViRobot Desktop 5.0 : [Tools] -> [Configuration] -> [Virus Scan] : Check all files

- ViRobot Desktop 5.5 : [Tools] -> [Configuration] -> [Virus Scan] : Check all files

- LiveCall (Free Scan) : [Advanced Scan] : Check

b. Repair all viruses detected.

c. If [Auto-repair after rebooting] message shows up, please try to re-scan after rebooting the PC.
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