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Typical Symptoms  
Discovered  [korea] 2014-02-17
 [Foreign] 2014-02-17
Type  Others ActiveField  Win32
Origin  others Encryption  NO
Location  None Memory residence  NO
Scan engine needed
2014-02-17 [Able to detect & repair]
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A. Route of Infection

RiskTool.SQLck.303242 does not spread out as itself, and it is downloaded from hacked site or other malicious codes.


B. Symptom of Infection

1) It is a tool that search SQL's multi thread, and it mainly checks the strength of SQL login password.
But, it also uses to steal SQL's account information.

2) SQLck.exe can use following options.


3) Hackers steal SQL account information using commands with vulnerable accounts & password list(e.g. username.txt, password.txt).(BruteForce attacks)


4) Users require attention, because this malicious code steals important data(e.g. Database account information). To prevent the intrusion of hackers, please scan your PC using anti-virus products with the latest engines.

Removal Instructions

[How to repair]

Reparable by ViRobot engine ver.2014-02-17.01 or above.

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