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4 Virus How do I know if my personal computer is infected with any personal computer virus?
When your system is infected, you could get the following symptoms:
    By a typical virus

  • The computer hangs frequently
  • The size of execution files increases significantly
  • The computer slows down especially if your memory resident program is infected.
  • Unidentifiable error occurs when you run files.
  • Your system logo may change.

  • By Macro virus

  • The document does not open normally or is locked by a password.

  • Unrecognizable characters or funny texts are shown in the document.
  • Macro will not run in Tools menu.
  • Error occurs when you use VB editor to see macro codes.
  • Illegible message appears while you work on the document.
  • VB editor starts in debug mode while you work with Excel or Word
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