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No. Category Title
14 Virobot Desktop I want to recover the mail which is filtered by ViRobot.
If you want to recover, please select [Tool -> Quarantine -> Spam Mail]

And please click [Recovery] then recovered mail will be saved in "C:/Documents and Settings/User Account (Different by user setting)/Application Data/HAURI/AntiSpam/Restore" as extension file of [eml].
If you drag this file to mail box, you can read mail.

If you can not solve this problem by above way, please give E-mail to with below information.

1. PC Requirements (eg.) OS, version, Applications, etc.
2. ViRobot Name and Version (eg.) ViRobot Desttop5.0, ViRobot Desktop5.5, VISMS 3.0, VISMS3.5, etc.
3. Detailed Explanation about the problem
4. Others - Captured screenshot, Registry, Log, etc.
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