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5 Virus How do I protect my personal computer from virus attacks?
The easiest way to protect your computer is to use suitable anti-virus software for your personal computer.

Choose a powerful anti-virus that can offer comprehensive protection from all different types of viruses as mentioned above. Also select a software vendor that is able to provide you with prompt service and technical support in case of emergency.

Also maintain a habit to update your virus definition file of your anti-virus software on a regular basis. Most advance anti-application has a built in auto-update feature for busy people who tend to forget about this important task.

Viruses can be controlled at the desktop, the file server, the gateway, the firewall and on e-mail servers. Desktop and server anti-virus applications allow for virus scan and detection on an on-going and periodic basis, as well as each time a file is downloaded or a computer is booted. More and more, computer users have anti-virus software running full-time in the background, scanning all files and diskettes the moment they are accessed. As macro viruses proliferate, scanning e-mail attachments at the desktop is critical. To protect networks, monitoring attachments at the e-mail gateway is just as important.

Almost all of the computer users might have experienced the virus infection at least once. Since the virus infection paths become more diverse, it is getting harder to keep your system safe. To avoid computer viruses, please follow these rules:

Stealth Viruses:
  • Always use your own hard Disk for booting.
  • Regularly scan your system with up-to-date definition files. If auto-update feature is available, activate it.
  • Make write-protected backup copies for your important data.
  • Buy legal copies of all software you use.
  • Do not open any e-mail attachment from unidentified sender.
  • Do not open macro that you do not create.
  • VB editor starts in debug mode while you work with Excel or Word
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