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8 Virus What are the typical virus detection techniques commonly used by anti-virus software?
Detection Technique Signature Recognition Integrity Checking Generic Behavior Recognition Emulation
Approach Compares stored code strings to files on disk or in Random Acess Memory (RAM)Uses Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), digital signature or checksum to detect changes to files.Monitors system and analyses code for a threshold of likely malicious or viral behavior.Emulate process or code to entice virus.
Primary StrengthFinds all kind of known viruses, provides the malicious code identity.Fast first step in detection process. Detect unidentifiable malicious code: unknown, encrypted or polymorphic.Catches a virus early as it decrypts and before infection.
Primary Challenge Overhead for end user and administrator: time, computer resources, management Need other technology to positively identify virus presence. Accuracy: misinterprets legal behavior as malicious, or vice versa. Narrow application.
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